Greece beyond the immense beauty of the landscape, the precious historical and cultural background, the birthplace of western civilization and the warm Mediterranean climate with 300+ days of sunshine per year,  is a natural business base for those seeking to access not only EU markets but the markets of Southeast Europe and North Africa as well.
Greece remains appealing as an investment location, despite the economic crisis that has emerged since  it always offers business people a wide variety of investment opportunities that take advantage of the country’s strategic geographic location and unique competitive advantages. The country is a natural gateway to more than 140 million consumers in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, a region with a GDP of almost 1 trillion Euro. As the hub of diverse emerging markets, Greece provides access to populations with a strong demand for consumer goods, infrastructure modernization, technology and innovation networks, energy, tourism development, and light manufacturing.
-History & Culture
Greece offers the visitor and resident unlimited opportunities to explore the very roots of Western civilisation. Throughout the country, there are hundreds of museums, archaeological sites, and monuments that detail the rise of art, architecture, crafts, design, ideas and thought.
The climate in Greece makes living in this Mediterranean destination a year-round joy. Take a swim in the crystal clear Aegean before work. Play 18 holes at one of the nearby golf clubs in the afternoon. Or, if you need to escape it all, dash off to a luxurious spa for a little rest and relaxation.Whatever you choose to do, healthy, joyful living is part and parcel of the Greek lifestyle.
The Mediterranean diet is a global brand that needs no introduction. There is nowhere on earth better suited for healthy, wholesome eating than Greece. Greece offers a bountiful array of raw ingredients and traditional products that will satisfy every foodie, and thrill every cook (a trip to a Greek farmers market is a joy for the senses).
Greece offers a wide variety of international educational options for expatriates, from pre-schools to universities—especially for students seeking studies in English, French, and German. Many high schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) programe and have a good track record in placing students in prestigious universities, both in Greece and abroad.