process diagram
Step 1: Issuing an entry Visa for Greek Territory
The interested party must submit an application for an entry visa (type D) to the Greek consulate authority in their country of origin.
Step 2: Collecting the documentation for the issuing of the residence permit. 
Applicants for a residence permit for real estate owners, valued at €250.000, must provide a series of formal documents indicated in details at the relevant section ( See Documentation)
Step 3: Submitting the documents
Applications for the residence permits must be submitted to the one-stop service of the department in the Decentralised Authority in the place of residence or the Municipal authorities in the location of the property in the cases where the transfer of residence by the Immigration authority of the Decentralised Administration has not been completed.
Step 4: Procedures until the final issuing of the permit
-Upon arrival
A third country citizen who intends to own real estate property or to lease hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences is required to complete the necessary actions to apply for the residence permit before the expiry of the entry visa. For more information see
-Application process
The submission of the application for the issuance of the residence permit and the submission of additional documentation can be done either in person by the third country citizen, or through a proxy. Even if the application in question has been submitted by a proxy, the applicant is required to be in Greece on the date of the application submission.
-Documentation check
The authorities receiving the application will issue a confirmation that the application has been submitted, provided that all the necessary documentation has been submitted with the application. The confirmation is valid for one year.
-Provisions during the application processing period
The third country citizen, who has submitted an application and received the confirmation receipt described above, can reside legally in the country for the duration of the confirmation receipt.