This property has two living rooms separated by an old-style arch, large windows, and a kitchen at a slightly raised floor level.

There is one bedroom with one bathroom on this floor. Two tree branches cross the bedroom’s ceiling and the bed’s head-rest is designed on the wall with stones. The guesthouse is a separate bedroom with WC to which there is external access, offering privacy to the occupant.

What makes this property unique is its exceptional design. Originally, there was a spring of water going through the house that was used as a means of maintaining watermelons at a low temperature. This whole structure has been reserved and shaped into a fountain covered with glass at the interior of the house.

Residence Information

Extent of residence: 60 m ²

Number of Bedrooms: 1

Number of Bathrooms: 1

Maximum Number of Tenants: 3

Veranda: 1


Comforts: Television Plasma, Fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, linen, veranda with view