Cozy yet ultimately elegant…

When stone embraces wood and the two materials blend harmoniously through fine decorative touches, then the result is nothing but uniquely impressive and can be described with just two words: Semiramis Residence. Situated within six kilometers distance from the famous Kardamyli tourist resort and just a few minutes away from the village of Agios Nikolaos, in Messinian Mani, this exquisite, modern villa has been carefully and tastefully constructed so as to become a deluxe residence and a private shelter for long or short stays all year round. Semiramis Residence, with its wide verandas and the irresistible combination of stone – exterior and minimal modern – interior, has accomplished the perfect mix & match of the local traditional architectural style with the most modern touches. The sea is just 1.000 meters away and the landscape is surrounding this impressive estate, which stands in the middle of a 650 m² plot of land. The two – storey residence that covers 144 m² of living area, it is well attended to ideally separate the common facilities with the private rooms of the guests. There is also a backside veranda, from the kitchen, with a view to the garden. The whole property is surrounded by a garden, which adds to the peace and serenity, totally harmonized with the landscape. The ground floor is approximately 85 m². It features a spacious living room, a bathroom – dressed with Tadelackt [Moroccan Plaster] and a traditional – style fully equipped with electric appliances kitchen, while on the second floor, which is connected with the lower level with a modern staircase from white Canadian wood, you will find the two bedrooms and one more bathroom, with whirlpool. Every corner has its own, special decorative touch. The sitting room, as well as the rest of the ground floor area, is decorated in pale shades [white and sand colors dominate]. A silver chandelier over the dining room, white sofas with grey and white pillows, overlooking the cozy fireplace and the pure daylight that fills the place from the large openings, are all elements that create a tranquil area, ideal for relaxation. Equally, the bedrooms on the second floor are tastefully decorated, with plain yet elegant flair. Apart from the side balconies on the first floor, there is a wonderful, big porch with sunshade, offering a unique panoramic view.

Main Facts

Private residence in Mani

Private parking

Garden area

Garden and Sea Views


2 main bedrooms with sharing bathroom & jacuzzi (upper floor)

Dining room and traditional style kitchen

Living Room

Outdoor dining area and lounge area

Sleeps 4 people

Extra bathroom downstairs

Private Verandas


6 km from Kardamyli Resort

3 klm to Agios Nikolaos village

1klm to the beach

The villa is available for longterm rentals.