Sani summerhouse  is a detached property about 150 sqm with a private garden of 700 sqm green that is ideally located in the forest.

It lies on three level s (ground floor, semi basement and attic.

On the ground floor there is a  living area, kitchen and 2 bedrooms with 2 baths. There is a third bedroom in the attic and there is also on the semi basement there is a  35 sqm open plan room that serve as a guest house.

The house is well maintained and very tastefully furnished and decorated.

It also features a well cared lavish garden with nice outdoors furniture and among its other facilities there is a shared swimming pool that serves the 12 summerhouse of the complex..

For access to beaches, marina, hotels, cinema, restaurants of SANI Resort, passes every hour a shuttle bus service exclusively for the guests of the complex.

For your further information kindly note that the two bedrooms on the ground floor are two consequent areas separated by a connecting door, so to reach someone in the second bedroom, one must either cross the first, or go out into the garden and enter via the balcony door.

Also the attic is connected with the ground floor via a wooden little staircase.