This imposing, middle-aged stone structure emerges from the majestic blue of the Mediterranean Sea and sky, while the authentic materials of stone, wood and iron were used to rebuild the old family house featuring a magnificent landscape overlooking the Old Harbor of Spetses Island.

The estate is located at the area Old Harbor, of the island of Spetses (right next to the docks).  It is built on a 450 sq.m. land, at the most expensive land zone of the island. Its construction started at 2002 and finished at 2006.


3 level building -750 sq.m.

  • Ground level– street level, total 400sq.m. with 3 different entrances.  Main entrance 50 sq.m, outside patio and 25sq. m. back yard.
  • 1st level – 190 sq.m. with 2 different entrances. 120 sq.m. veranda and 20 sq.m balcony.
  • 2nd level – (with central patio) 125sq.m, 22sq.m. veranda and a small balcony.

Ground level has 2 different entrances to the main street and in the past it was used as an Art Gallery,exhibition center or event center.

The building may be converted to a unique boutique hotel that can operate all year long. An architect or a civil engineer may redesign the building into 10 exclusive suites, with a small restaurant-café area, a bar and a small spa. Its waterfront location makes it accessible by boat throughout the year. Τhe veranda overlooking the Old Harbor will entice even the most demanding guests.

While the latest use of the building was of a private restaurant, it can also be also used as a private villa. Its unique waterfront location, makes it accessible by private yacht all year long.